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$NetBSD: README,v 1.12 2005/04/05 00:21:22 jmc Exp $

Special notes for cross-hosting a NetBSD build on certain platforms.  
Only those platforms which have been tested to complete a "build.sh" run
are listed.

All hosts must have a POSIX compatible sh. /bin/sh is assumed unless 
otherwise set. This can be overridden by setting HOST_SH in the environment.

In addition all hosts must provide the following local tools:




* _NETBSD_SOURCE is *not* to be defined/pulled in during compat/tools builds.
  compat_defs.h will error out if it finds it defined. 


* zlib must be available.
  This will be fixed in the future to include zlib in libnbcompat.



* Tested on RedHat Linux 7.1 (i386).
  Tested on RedHat Linux 7.3 (i686) on 16 Sep 2002.  Requires "LANG=C"
  in the environment.

* Tested on Redhat Linux 8.0 (i686) in Fall 2003. Requires no special settings.

* Tested on Redhat ES3 and AS3 in spring of 2004. Requires no special settings.

* The gcc (and libstdc++, if needed) package must be installed, along
  with the typical system development packages (glibc-devel, etc.).

* The ncurses-devel package must be installed (for nbinfo).

* The zlib and zlib-devel packages must be installed.  This will be
  fixed in the future to include zlib in libnbcompat.


  Requires a case sensitive filesystem such as UFS

* Tested on 10.2.8 with Dec 2002 Developer Tools
    - may require a fix to /usr/bin/join, netbsd's join should work fine
* Tested on 10.3 with xcode 1.5
    - compiles fine out of the box


NETBSD (earlier releases):

* Tested on NetBSD 1.5.2 (machine-independently).

* Should need no special setup.



* Tested on Solaris/x86 8 (5.8) with gcc 2.95.2 and Solaris/sparc 8 (5.8)
  with gcc 3.2 (not yet tested with SUNWspro).

* $HOST_CC needs to be set properly (for gcc, it should be set to "gcc",
  otherwise the improper /usr/ucb/cc may be invoked by accident).

* The SUNWzlib package (or a built version of zlib visible to $HOST_CC,
  such as SMCzlib from sunfreeware.com) must be installed.  This will be
  fixed in the future to include zlib in libnbcompat.

* Needs the following paths, in this order, in $PATH:

      <path to host C and C++ compilers>

  /usr/ucb may optionally be placed before /usr/bin, per your preference,
  but /usr/ucb *MUST NOT* be before /usr/ccs/bin or before the path to
  the host C and C++ compilers.

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