22. cbb-0.64

Check-Book-Balencer cbb, is a tcl cash-book accounts package. It handles one account.

	# http://www.me.umn.edu/home/clolson/cbb/cbb-man/cbb-man.html
	# ftp://ftp.me.umn.edu/pub/finance
	ftp ftp.me.umn.edu
	cd /pub/finance
	mget *E
	mget *64*

	tar -zxf cbb-0.64.tar.gz  -C /tmp/pkgs_ftp
	cd /tmp/pkgs_ftp/cbb-0.64
	make install
	# detected perl and wish
	# netscape for docs
	# gnuplot for diags
	where should binaries go ? ~/cbb
	where should libraries go ? ~/cbb/lib
To make sure I always set the PWD directory, I wrote a shell script:
	export PWD=`pwd`	# env var needed, ? csh relic ?
Which I ran and loaded the demo file from the source tree.
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