21. kaffe - Java Compiler

Java is a language outside of the browser.

kaffe implementation of the Java compiler and bye-code interpreter.

IE this is not a port of the sun code, with adjustments for Linux, it is a from-scratch implementation, that follows the Java standards, from Sun.

Java is a language, not a browser library.

21.1 I don't yet do Java


I don't yet do Java

Sorry but my TODO list is trying to strangle my life.

There is also a Java Development Kit, that has the Sun compiler, ported to Linux.

It comes with lots of example apps, that Netscape (with Java) can run. If trix is on-line, browse http://trix.dircon.co.uk/pkg/java for the JDK un-tarred. You can read it to find where to find the latest version is, and to play with the demo applets. They are very neat. The JDK is also on the InfoMagic disks, and probably most peoples!

The idea is you write Java code to feed to browsers, or other activities. You need all the tools, libs and docs for that, so you get the JDK.

If you need a non-sun implementation, or know how to test it, try kaffe.