8. xloadimage-4.1

xloadimage is a graphics viewer (and library of code). If you don't have it, you can use xv instead.

8.1 xloadimage /tmp/fix_fax/page.pbm


xloadimage /tmp/fix_fax/page.pbm

xloadimage can read .pbm files, or pipes with data in .pbm format. It is an alternative to XV, (it exits with the 'q' key).

It needed a tiny edit to a system makefile, because something got defined twice, slightly differently in two .h files, in two sub-systems. If your system works OK, don't edit the .h files!


	cd /cdrom/X11/xapps/graphics/viewers
	tar -C /tmp/pkgs_cd -zxf xloadimage.4.1.tgz
	cd /tmp/pkgs_cd/xloadimage/

At this stage, the make process blew-up, so I attempted a kludge to fix it. This might not be needed with your installed system. You will just have to figure it out from the error messages.

typedef unsigned long whar_t;

I edited this into /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/2.7.0/include/stddef.h, line 240. This is because of /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xlib.h (line 79).

su root -c "make install"

Takes a while.

xloadimage /tmp/fix_fax/page.pbm

If you have installed efax (as described in issue-3), you can use xloadimage to view pbm files, generated by efix from fax/g3 files.

This shows that the g3 file generated by efax are perfect, using the default plain-text builtin hi-res- font. It shows that viewing files at the wrong resolution, can make you believe that the file is wrong, when it is the view, not the file.

Converting files from g3 to pbm uses a lot of disk space. You can do it with pipelines, instead of files. See the section on efax in Issue-3.

xloadimage /tmp/fix_fax/page.pgm

This shows that a g3 file converted to pgm is very hard to read, and pbm may be a better option.

Edit /usr/bin/fax, so that xloadimage is called by fax view page.001

xloadimage to view tk.ps reference card

	gs	\ 
		-sDEVICE=$pbm	\ 
		-sOutputFile=tk.%d.$pbm	\ 
		-dNoPause		\ 
		-r180x180		\ 
		-dSAFER			\ 

	xloadimage tk.1.$pbm
This looks quite good, but may be due to the very high resolution (180 dpi compared with a typical screen 90). Compared to well chosen bit-mapped fonts, such as those used by tk/x11 it's sad. The problem is with the fonts selected and how they are rendered by gs. xloadimage dimply displays the bit image.

The -dSAFER option to ghostscript, is to reduce the risk of running a trojan. Postscript is a programming language that can delete files or call programs. The -dSAFER option, attempts to prevent someone putting a trojan into a normal postscript file.