6. Sunsite Packages

Each package comes with its own README files, and you should read them. However it often helps to read an example installation, to get an quick intro to what the manual is talking about.

Annotate each step with additional settings you used on that installation.

By the time you are reading this, newer versions may be available, with different installation sequences. Lifes like that.

6.1 xearth
6.2 eject - cdrom
6.3 umount: /dev/hdd is busy
6.4 Arena



This is a program that build out of the box. It becomes the wall paper.

	cd /tmp/pkgs_cd
	tar -zxf /cdrom/X11/xapps/graphics/xearth-1.0.tgz    
	cd xearth-1.0
	make install
	make install.man

	xearth   -pos "fixed 62.4 -51.1" -grid &
	man xearth


eject - cdrom

This is a utility that opens the CDROM drive tray. The kernel driver used to do that automatically when closing the device, but apparently, people complained about excessive tray activity during reboots.

The eject utility won't work if the device is held open by another application, such as workman, or mount.

Do the ususal installation: (HINT use mc to help you)

	cd /tmp/pkgs_cd 
	tar -zxf /cdrom/utils/disk-management/eject-1.2.tar.gz
	cd eject-1.2
	make install
	umount /cdrom


umount: /dev/hdd is busy

If you get this message, it means that the CD drive is in use, either a program is being run off the CDROM or a shell (or any program) has it as the current working directory.

Personally, I run mc /cdrom within an xterm, and exit when I want to change the cdrom. That way, I know which window is using it.



Mosaic and Netscape are deleted from the InfoMagic (and other) CDROM distributions of sunsite, for copywrite reasons (ie at request of author). They are Licensed for anonymous-ftp, and are on several ftp sites. Look in /sunsite/system/Network/info-systems.

Arena IS available on the CDROM's. Not as source (yet) but as a simple jigsaw of linkable pieces.

	cd /cdrom/system/Network/info-systems
	tar -C /tmp/pkgs_cd -zxf arena-elf.tar.gz 
	cd /tmp/pkgs_cd/arena-linux-elf-linkkit
use cut and paste to run the following. ld is the link-loader which finds shared libraries when a package is run. You have to either install the Arena libraries in a system directry, or tell the system to look in the Arena directory (which you could not then delete, without losing Arena).
	gcc -o arena arena.o libXext.so libX11.so libjpeg.so libwww.a  -lm
	mv arena /usr/local/bin

	echo /tmp/pkgs_cd/arena-linux-elf-linkkit >> /etc/ld.so.conf

	arena /home/gps/raven/tmp/ssr1a.html &

Arena lacks file browsing (which is a shame for a network browser), and it has problems with font BACKGROUNDS overwriting adjacent lines, during scrolling (refresh cleans it all up). However it works and it is on the disks. Chhimera is an alternative, and lynx is a text based browser. It is reported as being very HTML/3 compattible.

Good placs to start are the EXCELLENT sunsite Index.html pages in every directory, and the docs/HTML directories on disk1, ie the LDP manuals in HTML format. Or the Raven pages.