1. Users View

Greetings, this is Issue-4, Users View. It is all about getting to grips with X11 and Linux, if you have never seen them before.

It isn't a waterproof beginners guide to solve all your problems, it is meant to be helpful, and give you a few projects to do maybe whilst waiting for your Internet connection to make sesnse.

If you are in a hurry to get FAX, EMAIL or Internet COMMS working, you should locate Issue-3. I presume you have installed Linux (eg Slackware). Other distributions are very similar, but may differ in how the configuration scripts are arranged, and where they get their parameters from, (where their configuration files are).

You can do most of this from your CDROM's, but I have included several topics which do require Internet access, to download specific packages. You should be able to notice that these files aren't on your CD's and skip them. If you have Internet access via work, or a friend, then get them!

1.1 Copywrite
1.2 Raven costs money!
1.3 Raven Registration List



Raven is a 5 shareware e-zine, that you try-before-you-buy. See Base Station Zero for more details on the Copywrite, DISCLAIMER, Downloading, distributing and how to read this if your browser can't.


Raven costs money!

I have tried to make Raven as OPEN as possible, but it remains a "commercial" product. You are free to evaluate it, and I hope that you think that it is WORTH buying.

One of Raven's design "features", which is sadly lacking in this world of commercial exploitation, is that you know your money goes to the actual author, not the paper mills, printers, post office or shops.

That is why there is a "3 plus costs" price tag. See Base Station Zero.

Please support this style of manufacture, by stepping forward and chosing to pay. Doing so, encourages me (and others) to spend a lot of time bringing this to you.

If you prefer to pay via your favourite supplier, please do so. They will ADD a bit to the cost, but make it more convenient.

Some people have complained that the production quality is not sufficient, arguing that for the same money, they can get a glossy printed magazine, with cover CD (of lots of MS-DOS demos).

Whilst I agree, that Raven has many faults, and I wish to improve it in many ways, the fact remains (in my opinion, and maybe yours) Raven has the content.

The choice is yours, and it is a simple one. Even with it's spilling mistakes, do you want Raven or not?


Raven Registration List

This is about 6 months downstream, but I hope to offer an online registration system, that is both convenient and secure.

If you don't want your details to appear, it will be totally anonymous (except for town name?). However, I need your details NOW to validate any on-line registration as being really YOU.

You will be able to confirm that payment has arrived, which Issues you have paid for, edit the details that are advertised about you (eg none), or even update your current business card (URL), or secret email address.

I need:

Send them, along with a UK cheque to

Graham Swallow
87 Burley Road
BH23 8BA
United Kingdom

NB Simply stuffing cash or travellers cheques into an envelope is NOT a good idea. (Yes I do need the money, otherwise Raven folds!)