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To add your own local copy of the complete repository for aLinux
regular and contributed rpms/srpms - 

1. Install pkgs.tar.bz2
2. Edit your /etc/apt/sources.list - Change Url to
3. Whenever you have added or removed rpms/srpms; simply run the
   regular supported /pkgs/rpm-gen; script and if you added or
   removed rpms/srpms from the contribs unsuported (which you'll
   more or less be usingmost of the time) run:

4. If you have access to ibiblio/peanut; only upload your rpms
   / srpms to the contribs /PEOPLE/ directory and add the /base
   and *.html from your local then run in the home directory 
   of ibiblio/peanut, scripts rpm-gen then contribs which update
   the symbolic links. *Might sound a little complicated, but
   you'll figure it out - It's just we can't copy symbolic links
   to ibiblio*  Hope this helps.

   If you have any problems or suggestions to make this README
   easier, feel free to email alinux@alinux.tv; Thanks.

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